Wednesday, 25 August 2010

It's that time again!

Once again, we have been sent some great work for the new show, this time entitled 'Home'.  The theme attracted much good, some bad and some pretty darn scary work - we won't name them, but it must be remembered we are putting pictures up in a family restaurant!  Death and decay are all very well but...

Anyhow, the new chosen ones are:

Fiona Purves from Edinburgh creates beautiful, playful drawings of people's front doors, the first thing you see of the place someone calls home, and a little clue about who they are.

Her very pretty website has lots of  images from her projects, including her illustration degree show, a book about a mischievous dog called Max.

Leila Bibizadeh's home is by the landmark Tower Bridge, leading her to send us this piece for the show.

With buildings such as this often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Leila reminds herself how lucky she is to be surrounded by these magnificent, historic pieces of architecture.

Caroline Hancox has a busy blog with work that could not epitomise Home much more than this. 

See the photo-diptych dialogue with Ian Land. Very nice - they live 114 miles apart and have never met, but post a photo each, together every week.

And finally, we have paintings by Satu Vartiainen, and a painting, drawings and photographs by us Maggypies. 

So, cheers to the new roost of ladies! As for the gents?  Perhaps not so drawn towards home and bird-related matter as the rest of us then. 

Photos coming soon from hang-time on Wednesday.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Something new in something just past

This little Magpie attended a private view tonight at a show I'd organised, somewhere I no longer work.  Quite a strange experience, and a little daunting ... and terrible seeing all the things I wanted to do like make nice labels and better info sheets ;) ...

But the work looked brilliant all the same - photography by Martina Lindqvist and Tim Sullivan

Martina Lindqvist: Rågskär Island     

Martina grew up visiting Rågskär Island, off the west coast of Finland, every summer.  These photos that won her the Jerwood Photography Prize in 2008 are intense, brooding images, a creation of personal memories and perceptions.  Rather than try to capture images from the real world, each image in the series is a photo taken of a model made by the artist, using an old snapshot from the family album for inspiration.

Tim's work takes the form of narrative or serial projects, which culminate in books.  He is showing work from his series Naschmarkt - an ongoing photographic survey of a flea market in central Vienna.  Photographing items that are, at the end of the day, disposed of and left behind, he creates a record of these transient artefacts where they would otherwise be forgotten. 

Here is probably my favourite image of his on show:

Tim Sullivan: Naschmarkt

The exhibition is on at The Firestation Arts Centre in Windsor until Saturday 18th September.