Thursday, 17 February 2011

Layers and snippets

Since starting my evening course in illustration, It's been great not worrying about making work to sell, and instead doing some experimenting.  Here are a couple of pictures made with snippets of old newspapers, maps, drawing, cut, coloured and stuck bits.

Owl and map

Erhardt and rose

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Newish year, fresh birdy start

One of us Magpies has enjoyed a new beginning on a new inspirational course in 2011.  I joined an illustration course for artists at The Phoenix in Brighton, which has been a great start to opening up and not caring what work I make, or why I make it.  I'm enjoying playing with new media, cutting and collaging, photocopying, scanning, drawing and painting.  Here are a few drawings of birds, just for the sake of it.

Eagle on newspaper

Owl flying

And how great do these Peonies look, just photocopied from a book and hand-coloured, cut and scanned?  These will hopefully be used in a lovely layered image somewhere soon!