Monday, 15 November 2010

Two Magpies ready to install and open!

Lots more work to be done yet, but we're looking forward to hang-time tomorrow.  All three artists will be at the opening party on Tueday 23rd November, 7-9pm, with extra work on show, cards and badges to buy. If you'd like to come just contact us and we'll send you an invite.

Here are a few more images of work going in the show, by 'Magpie' Anna Vartiainen.  All her drawings are pen on paper.  Many are inspired by her annual family trips to the southern Finnish archipelago, and others take a playful look at English scenery and pretty gardens, and how they become creepy, haunting places as night draws in.

Retkisaari (Picnic Island), 2009

Pine, 2008

Monstertrees, 2010

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