Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A fond farewell to the day job...

After two years of working for the Firestation Arts Centre in Windsor, I fancy a little reminiscence into some of the lovely work I had the pleasure to put up there ...

Firstly, there is the lovely Richard Heeps, who I met in 2008 at the Windsor (un)Contemporary Art Fair - luckily I caught him then - as he sensibly decided not to return to the overpriced, fusty old affair.  His solo show with the arts centre was followed by a group show this year by Bleach Box, the gallery run by himself and his wife Natasha, that specialises in contemporary photography created with traditional methods.  What a hassle-free pair to work with, Richard providing the art and Natasha bringing the muscle ;) ...  no dawdling with this lady!

We showed work from his colour-saturated Man's Ruin and Dream in Colour series, featuring eye-catching Rockabillies and vintage cars, portraits of mid-century-style lovers in Norfolk and Sweden and the glamorous Las Vegas.   

I was moved to buy a couple from the solo show, one for me and one for someone I've fallen for ... lucky me, now I get to look at them both.

The other Bleach Box loves for me were Charlie Meecham's trees - I'm a sucker for them, like many people - but I particularly liked the brown autumnal one that most others didn't like quite as much. That'll be the dark Finn in my soul...  Maybe Charlie's relationship with West Yorkshire bears a similar fascination and love of nature.

Wood 2.01s
More later about other exhibition loves ...

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